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About the Turbo Assembler Homepage

Turbo Assembler is a native c64 assembler which was introduced in 1985 by the German company, Omikron. Aside from Omikron, the software credits only one author: Wolfram Roemhild. Over the years, Turbo Assembler has become the most modified piece of c64 software ever. There are other programs that vie for the title, for sure - how many versions of CCGMS are in your diskbox? Dir Master and all of its many variants, oh yes, Cruel and Time too... but none of these have the sheer number of modified versions as Turbo Assembler.

This site's mission is twofold:

  1. Serve as the online home for the Turbo Macro Pro line of software, a collection of advanced modifications developed and maintained by Style, as well as TMPx, a Turbo Macro Pro compatible cross assembler.
  2. Make available a historic archive of past and future Turbo Assembler related materials, including modifications, related tools for the C64, Turbo Assembler related software on other platforms (including cross assemblers that are reasonably compatible with Turbo), documentation, and so on.

In our quest to collect as many modified versions of Turbo as possible, we invite any interested and willing people to help. What we need:

  • Send us any missing modifications that we haven't documented as in the archive. You are welcome to upload a .prg file, or a .d64 disk image with the version to the SceneBase FTP site. Please include a small text file or some other information and means to contact you, or send email. You may anon-upload modifications to
  • Provide us with supportable information on release dates and authors where we are missing or unsure.
  • Are you a Turbo modder, and you found (or didn't find) your version shown here? Contact us if you'd like to give some comments or information for us to include with your version...
  • Can you share other information or stories about the history of any Turbo modifications or the people who made significant and useful mods? We'll collect these and post them online here.
  • We specifically seek to contact Wolfram Roemhild himself; if you are him, if you know him or if you have some other means of getting in touch with him, PLEASE let us know!

You can contact us via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page. Enjoy your visit, and keep the tradition alive: go native, at least once in a while!