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15 Aug 2015

TMPx v1.1.0 and TMPview v1.3.1 by Style

  • TMPx (pronounced "T-M-P cross") is the multiplatform cross assembler version of Turbo Macro Pro, itself derived from the famous Turbo Assembler series for the native C64. TMPx was the first cross assembler released with full support for the syntax of Turbo Macro Pro (i.e. same as the original Turbo Assembler Macro). Our goal is to make TMPx as accurate as possible at the semantic level when assembling sources that are written against its native counterparts.
  • TMPview is a viewer/converter that inputs a binary format Turbo Assembler source code and outputs the ASCII equivalent in a format suitable as input for our cross assembler, TMPx.
5 May 2012

Thanks to Count Zero/CyberpunX/SCS*TRC for providing Turbo Assembler v7.2!

This version is another in the series of Turbo mods developed by Black/Angels and in fact we hadn't seen this version referenced anywhere else until now. This makes the 107th version of Turbo Assembler to be found. Thank you Count Zero!
5 May 2012

Thanks to Micron/SCS*TRC for sending in the missing Turbo Assembler v5.5X!

A version we saw references to and knew must be out there somewhere... our happy surprise to receive it via email directly from the responsible modder himself. Thank you Micron!
9 Apr 2007

SounDemoN/Dekadence brings “Turbo Action ROM v1” - a new mod of Turbo Assembler running from RR-ROM!

SounDemoN's ROM is based on AR v6.0 and allows you to start a mod of Turbo Assembler (non-Macro version) from the boot menu or from BASIC. This new mod runs completely from the cartridge ROM allowing assembly to all memory $0800-$ffff (source code is stored in the 32k cartridge RAM).
12 Oct 2006

Devia/Ancients delivers new RR-ROM with TMP v1.2 built in!

Once again Devia provides the help for Retro Replay owners, with a fully working v3.8P ROM including documentation on how to duplicate the mod for other RR ROM versions.
30 Sep 2006

“Turbo Macro Pro Sep'06” package is released

Main features added in this package include IDE64 compatibility, illegal opcodes, PTV/Hummer opcodes, a status line switcher, and a new "TMPPREFS" utility that replaces the preferences (BA+p) menu in the assembler. The most significant bug erased in v1.2 is the infamous line zero block-kill crasher that dates back to the original Omikron assembler. See the changelog for more details...
10 Jun 2006

TMPview released: view/convert Turbo Assembler binary sources to ASCII!

TMPview is a simple command line tool that allows you to input a binary source code file saved from just about any version of Turbo Assembler, including of course Turbo Macro Pro but also plain Turbo, Olav Morkrid's $a000 mod, and GRG's mod. In addition, source saved by mods that added illegal opcodes support will also be handled with almost all illegals converted as well. ASCII output is to the console or file.
6 Jun 2006

Devia/Ancients wrote a tutorial for patching RR-ROM with Turbo Macro Pro v1.1!

Step by step instructions that Devia provides here apply to ROM versions 3.8b and 3.8p but could be adapted to similar recent versions. Thanks, Devia!
7 Feb 2006

Thanks to GRG/Shape/Nostalgia for submitting ten new mods!

Submitted are a few more mods made by Domix/Collision and three different Panoramic Designs mods by the famous short modder, Olav Morkrid, as well as a couple others. With these additions we now cross the century mark and represent 106 different Turbo Assembler mods!
17 Jan 2006

Added Turbo Assembler Pro v1.2 +60k IDE64 (20060127) from Soci/Singular

Changes in this version: "Fixed load hang on file not found with IDE64. Filetype changed to TAS". Find it here.
16 Dec 2005

Added 64TASS v1.45 from Soci/Singular

Per the README: "Added .rta, .char, .int, .null, .shift, .elsif, .cerror, .cwarn, .align, and .cpu, nested conditional compile bugfix, added .ifeq, .ifne, .ifpl, .ifmi and .endif for compatibility, label list fixes, offset and maximum size for .binary, anonymous forward and backward reference (+-), initial 65DTV02 support (needs more info), added missing 65c02 opcodes."
3 Dec 2005

Thanks to Bacchus/Fairlight for two more mods!

Found on the Fairlight CD available through are two early releases from Fairlight, including a version using the REU that was the precursor for Tron's Xass versions. This brings our total of mods up to 95 and rising...
16 Nov 2005

Thanks to Fungus/Nostalgia, we've recovered another five mods!

v5.1 from Fairlight, a mod by Hotline with two derivatives by The Whiz-zards Association (one of which may even be the earlist mod for using an REU, pre-dating the ATT 1764 mod), and a crack of the macro version tagged to ‘Lord Vader’. Also, we found the original v3.0 mod by TFS/Supersonics with the one page info screen intact that detailed his famous set of additions (the 2, 6, +, -, S, L, F functions)!
1 Nov 2005

Added two new mods from Soci/Singular, released on October 17th

“Turbo Assembler Macro++ IDE64” and “Turbo Assembler Pro v1.2 +60k IDE64” with screenshots. Get them from the Version Archive or from the links here.
29 Oct 2005

“Turbo Macro Pro Oct'05” package is released

New PAL DTV (PTV) mod using 512k of the PTV's himem; major DTV mod bug fix; .include fixed in all versions; list-labels output to SEQ fixed; list-labels-vice added to output labels in VICE monitor compatible format; 2mhz/VIC blanking during assembly.