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Turbo Macro Pro Sep'06
(+REU, X2, +DTV/PTV)

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TMPx v1.1.0

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TMPview v1.3.1

TMPx, Command Line Options

TMPx, Command Line Options

Use common "GNU-style" command line arguments to control the operation and features of TMPx:

-h/--help Shows a summary of these command line options.
-?/--usage Shows a very brief reminder of the simplest use case.
/--version Shows version information and credits.
-a/--ascii Assembles in ASCII mode, with no conversion to PETSCII.
-q/--quiet Suppresses version notice and other extraneous information while assembling.
-i/--in <file> Assembles the given file.
-I/ When specified, labels are treated case-insensitive.
-l/--list <file> List output is directed to the given file.
-o/--out <file> Binary machine code output from the assembler is written to the given file.
-P/--proff Start assembly with an implied .proff
-s/--symbol Generate symbol output.
-M/--hide-macros Suppress macro expansions in list output.
-D/--define <define> Pass the assembler an additional label definition in the pattern of '-D LABELNAME' (which assigns a defualt value of 1 to the label) or '-D LABELNAME=EXPR'.
/--set-undoc-off Regard any undocumented (aka illegal) opcodes as errors.
/--set-dtv-off Regard any DTV-specific opcodes as errors.

A basic program call to assemble a source file named "" into an object file named "code.o":

    TMPx -i -o code.o