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Turbo Macro Pro Sep'06
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TMPx v1.1.0

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TMPview v1.3.1

TMPx, Overview

TMPx, General Overview

TMPx (pronounced "TMP cross") is a cross assembler that aims for 100% compatible with the full syntax of Turbo Macro Pro (as well as the original Turbo Assembler Macro from which it is derived). TMPx works as a command line application and is currently available on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX (64bit intel and 32bit powerpc), and FreeBSD. The most recent version of TMPx is:

TMPx v1.0 the command line cross assembler (Windows, OSX, Linux, FreeBSD)

TMPx was created to provide, once and for all, a cross assembler that is fully compatible with the syntax used in Turbo Assembler Macro and, of course, Turbo Macro Pro which is itself a descendant of the 'original' TAM. Aside from compatibility, the other focus is simplicity. We don't intend to pollute the syntax with a large number of additional pseudo-ops, and applicable pseudo-ops that were introduced beyond the original TAM will be added to the upcoming Turbo Macro Pro v2.x series. This way, the chance increases that code developed first using TMPx can potentially be transported back to the c64 and further developed. Although this would be a rare case these days, we think it still has merit.