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Turbo Macro Pro Sep'06
(+REU, X2, +DTV/PTV)

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TMPview v1.3.1

Turbo Macro Pro, Changelog

    BA: back arrow
   TMP: Turbo Macro Pro
   oTA: original Turbo Assembler
  oTAM: original Turbo Assembler Macro
[xxxx]: feature/bug/issue id
  FEAT: a feature not present in oTAM
   BUG: a bug fixed present in TMP or oTAM
  CHNG: a functionality change from previous versions
   DOC: a documentation change
  DELE: a removal of functionality
  INFO: informational, read me...

Turbo Macro Pro, Sep'06

  * TMP+REU  v1.2
  * TMP      v1.2
  * TMP(X2)  v1.2
  * TMP(R2)  v1.2
  * TMP+DTV  v1.2
  * TMP+PTV  v1.2

    FEAT: IDE64 compatibility. All disk-related functionality of TMP should
           now operate correctly with modern IDE64 hardware/ROM combinations
           (i.e. v3.x hardware using the most recent ROM image). As a first
           attempt by someone who doesn't own any real IDE64 hardware, this
           capability comes without guarentees, but has been tested both on
           VICE and on a real v3.2 board w/ a 2006 ROM image. Note that TMP
           continues to work just fine on non-IDE64 devices. [0000026]
    FEAT: Illegal opcodes are added. Fourteen (14) of the eighteen (18)
           added mnemonics correspond with those most popularized by Adam
           Vardy's 1995 Internet documentation which was itself based on
           several sources including legendary Transactor magazine:
              ALR ($4B)
              ANC ($0B)
              ARR ($6B)
              DCP ($C3, $C7, $CF, $D3, $D7, $DB, $DF)
              ISC ($E3, $E7, $EF, $F3, $F7, $FB, $FF)
              LAS ($BB)
              LAX ($A3, $A7, $AF, $B3, $B7, $BF)
              RLA ($23, $27, $2F, $33, $37, $3B, $3F)
              RRA ($63, $67, $6F, $73, $77, $7B, $7F)
              SAX ($83, $87, $8F, $97)
              SLO ($03, $07, $0F, $13, $1B, $1F)
              SRE ($43, $47, $4F, $53, $57, $5B, $5F)
              TAS ($9B)
              XAA ($8B)
          Four mnemonics correspond with those renamed from the Vardy
           document by Graham/Oxyron in his recent opcode summary:            
              SHY instead of SAY ($9c)
              SHX instead of XAS ($9e)
              AHX instead of AXA ($93, $9f)
              AXS instead of SAX ($CB)
          As well, this additional naming modification by Graham from the
           Vardy document are taken:
              LAX instead of OAL ($AB)
           or for additional
           info. [0000023]
    FEAT: The five new PTV opcodes ($02, $12, $22, $32, $42) are added using
           mnemonics CLN, BRA, RTD, SAC, SIR respectively (BRA as designated
           by Jeri; SAC/SIR as coined by tlr, and CLN/RTD as coined here and
           which *may* only be useful on the handful of prototype boards out
           there - but since two belong to Style members...).
    FEAT: Hitting RUN/STOP in the main editor will now swap the status line
           between the default line and a new, secondary status line which
           displays the current number of labels and the remaining free
           label memory; also shown is the remaining free source code
           memory. Therefore the secondary status line acts as a kind of
           free memory status - use caution regarding source memory, as
           actually assembling source code will use at least ~$200 and
           more bytes for very "pseudo-op intensive" sources. [0000028]
    FEAT: New in the RAM submenu is option 'd', for direct-load-to-ram, which
           can be used to load object files into the object bank which do not
           have a load address as the first two bytes of the file, such as
           so-called "level-packed" files, etc. [0000049]
    FEAT: New input keystrokes for prompt fields: hitting CLR will blank the
           current field; hitting HOME will place the cursor at the leftmost
           character of the field; hitting RUN/STOP will cancel input (to
           effectively cancel input before required deleting all characters
           in the field and hitting return; RUN/STOP now cancels regardless
           of what the field currently contains). [0000005]
    FEAT: Tool uses 20mhz mode setting for assembling when there's a SCPU
           present, which works the same way as 2mhz/VIC blanking
           introduced in v1.1 (see below). [0000036]
    FEAT: Hitting HOME in the main editor places the cursor at the return
           tab stop (set with BA+7) on the current line. [0000030]
    FEAT: Hitting CLR in the main editor unsets both the start and end mark,
           which should be a handy way to clear these block-defining marks
           instead of using the normal kill-mark method on each. [0000030]
    FEAT: Cursor line positioning after a block-kill now behaves much more
           like one might expect - generally speaking whatever line of source
           code you were currently editing at the time block-kill is invoked
           should remain the same after the block has been removed. Same will
           be true for block-move.
    BUG:  .include now no longer gets into an infinite loop when a disk
           error occurs such as file not found. [oTAM]
    BUG:  .include output colors were a bit odd and not at all nice
           looking, this is fixed to match the rest of the assembler
           output. [TMP:0000044]
    BUG:  The granddaddy bug...  block-kill on line zero, which formerly
           corrupted source and/or crashed both the original Turbo Assembler
           and Turbo Assembler Macro (as well as all other variants), is now
           properly fixed. Also, a number of additional rare and hard to
           duplicate cases where block-kill could potentially corrupt source
           memory have been fixed. Former versions of TMP would ignore any
           attempt to kill a block that included line zero. [oTAM:0000007]
    BUG:  After attempting to load a file into a RAM bank using the RAM menu
           load function (BA+R,l) where a disk error occurs (e.g. file not
           found), several prompts would become messed up. [TMP:0000071]
    BUG:  Add/Subtract (BA++/BA+-) was corrupting the current line edit
           buffer in some circumstances. [TMP:0000017]
    BUG:  The plain c64 mods were not re-initializing CIA/VIC upon editor
           re-entry; certain code disabling CIA timer interrupts would then
           cause the keyboard to be unresponsive after jmp $8000. [TMP]
    BUG:  Default start address is now $1000; v1.1 fixed this for some cases
           but not all (e.g. try: start oTAM, don't add any code and
           immediately assemble). Now the assembler will always assume a
           start of $1000 if not set by "*=". [oTAM:0000010] 
    DELE: Preferences (BA+p) have been removed from the main tool; but see
           below for info on the new "TMPPREFS" utility!
    CHNG: oTA/oTAM both save between $0 and $200 extra 'trash bytes' at
           the end of source code files. TMP now more properly saves only
           what is really necessary to store all source code data and still
           maintain backwards compatibility (both with loading/saving old
           sources and for other Turbo Assembler Macro based versions to
           load sources saved from TMP). The end result is that your
           source files should be between 0 and 2 disk blocks shorter
           from now on. [0000053]

  * TMP+DTV  v1.2

    FEAT: DTV palette at $d200 is now reverted to the startup palette when
           TMP is entered (jmp $8000). [0000052] 

  * TMP+PTV  v1.2

    FEAT: Bad lines are disabled during assembly to provide a speed up that
           should be similar to VIC blanking on flat c64 but without the
           actual blanked screen...
    FEAT: Skip-cycle and burst mode are also activated during assembly; both
           this and the previous speed up behave identically to the 2mhz/VIC
           blanking described below. This was actually present in v1.1 but
           not documented in the change log...
    INFO: Be aware that the PTV mod also, of course, works with your hacked
           Hummer wheels.

  * TMPPREFS v1.2
    INFO: First release of a separate preferences editor. To use, load the
           prefs editor, then use familiar TMP controls to load any existing
           TMP v1.2 binary (wtih BA+l). Once loaded, you can use:
              BA+c = alter color preferences, works like v1.1; you need to
                     hit CTRL or CBM and a number key just like you were
                     setting the current cursor color!
              BA+o = flip through color sets from some well known versions
              BA+2 = alter 4 character separator template
              BA+j = alter jumpback location
              BA+k = alter function key definitions
              BA+7 = alter return tab (column that cursor sits after return)
              BA+8 = alter source tab (column that opcodes/pseudos start)
            Each change should be reflected in the example source screen.
            Once you're satisfied with your preferences, use BA+s to save
            the new binary (use a different filename!). Remember, the v1.2
            prefs editor will only work with v1.2 binaries from the Sep'06
            release! Also note that using this tool changes the defaults
            used by TMP; source codes you previously saved will still
            retain their own return/source tab settings and function key
            definitions, until you reset those and resave those sources.
            Finally, BA+d and BA+* have the same effect as from within
            TMP: increment-device and view-directory. [0000054]

Turbo Macro Pro, Oct'05

  * TMP+REU v1.1
  * TMP     v1.1
  * TMP(X2) v1.1
  * TMP(R2) v1.1

    BUG : The list-labels (BA+u) function was broken when outputting to a
           file - instead of being sent to the current serial device,
           output was thrown to the screen. [TMP:0000031]
    BUG : The .include pseudo was utterly broken, as reported at least
           twice to comp.sys.cbm. The fix restores this functionality as
           intended, working with SEQ files - it will not include from a
           binary/PRG source file! [TMP:0000033]
    BUG : Poor behavior was seen when starting TMP when there were no
           serial devices present at all on the bus (devices 8-15); this
           was particularly troublesome for the DTV mods. TMP now acts
           better when this occurs. [TMP:0000034]
    FEAT: Tool uses 2mhz mode setting during assembly phase; this will only
           affect operation on a c128 of course. 2mhz mode is turned off at
           the first error during assembly enabling user to view the
           error reports; also turns off when including a file. [0000003]
    FEAT: Tool also uses VIC screen blanking during assembly phase, which
           behaves identical to 2mhz mode above. [0000004]
    FEAT: A variant of list-labels was added - list-labels-vice (BA+U) will
           output the label table in a format compatible for loading into
           the VICE emulator monitor. [0000027]
    CHNG: PLEASE NOTE THIS CHANGE! The jumpback routine in all applicable
           versions of TMP has changed it's default location from $0180 to
           $0140. Be sure and update any code you had that relied on the
           location of the jumpback code. And as it has ever been in TMP,
           the location is still configurable using the RAM submenu, which
           is invoked with BA+R - then use j to set the jumpback location.
    DOC : Added more details of the preferences system (BA+p). [0000015]
    DOC : Generally rewrote/reworded almost the entire set of documentation
           and along the way corrected some minor mistakes.

  * TMP+DTV v1.1

    BUG : There was another problem in bank swapping, as not all memory was
           swapped in as expected. [TMP+DTV v1.0a]

  * TMP+PTV v1.1

    INFO: First release for the DTV v2 (or PTV, as in PAL) joystick system.
           This mod behaves in respect to the PTV's extra memory (2 megs)
           identical to the REU mod, using the eight (8) highest 64k banks
           of RAM for assembly, object data, and source code. The tweaks
           made to the DTV mod like the default color scheme and remapped
           page up/down keys are also active in this mod. The extra RAM
           commands are activated with BA+R just as in the REU and DTV
           mods. [0000032]

Turbo Macro Pro+DTV, Dec'04

  * TMP+DTV v1.0a

    BUG : A potentially source-corrupting bug that got introduced into the
           DTV version was fixed; this is not present in any other version
           of TMP. [TMP+DTV v1.0]
    BUG : Discovered that DTV himem locations $1d800-$1dbff are actually
           mapped to color RAM at $d800, meaning those locations are
           volatile and overwritten whenever $d800 is written to. This
           could cause additional source corruption on larger sources so
           to prevent it, for now the DTV mod maximum line limit was
           reduced to 3,069 (plain Turbo allows 4,093 and TMP allows
           5,117). [TMP+DTV v1.0]
    BUG : Editing a line and then immediately assembling (without moving
           the cursor off the line) would cause the edits to the line to
           be lost. [TMP:0000002]
    BUG : During make-data, if the c64 is reset or TMP is otherwise 
           interrupted, once TMP was restarted the make-data operation
           would commence where it left off. The fix stops this from
           occurring. [TMP:0000001]
    FEAT: During make-data, run/stop can now be used to abort.
    FEAT: The make-data (BA+6) function now reads from the DTV himem.

Turbo Macro Pro+DTV, Dec'04

  * TMP+DTV v1.00

    INFO: First release for the DTV joystick system. Utilizes the extra 64k
           in the DTV as a combined assembly and object bank in a similar
           manner as the REU version, allowing full use of the DTV regular
           memory for assembled code. [0000016]
    FEAT: The REU commands (BA+R) invokes a similar menu operating on the
           DTV memory with load-object-file and set-jumpback functions.
    FEAT: The PS/2 keyboard's page up and page down buttons translate to
           britpound and uparrow, which are normally invoke the copy-buffer
           and paste-buffer functions. In the DTV mod, these keys now
           operate as one might expect, bumping the cursor up or down
           by 20 lines. The old functions are now invoked by
           BA+{shift-britpound} and BA+{shift-uparrow}.
    CHNG: A different editor color scheme is in effect, more appealing with
           the DTV's slightly different looking (dimmer) colors.

Turbo Macro Pro, Oct'97

  * TMP+REU v1.05
  * TMP     v1.02

    BUG : Fixed misc problems that resulted from the absence of a Super
           Snapshot cartridge. [TMP]
    BUG : Fixed a bug when detecting and loading 'plain Turbo' binary
           source files. [TMP]
    CHNG: Tidier cleanup of zeropage upon a turbo cold start.
    CHNG: Available devices detected increased from 8-11 to 8-15.
    DOC : Added description and example for using the .offs pseudo-op.

  * TMP(X2) v1.00
  * TMP(R2) v1.00

    INFO: First releases for 'dual c64' systems. Incorporates all mods
           and bug fixes to date, where applicable. Uses BA+% to 
           assemble across the wire to the slave c64. The R2 mod is
           a completely unique concept that combines the dual c64
           capability with the REU mod's bank switching features.

Turbo Macro Pro, Mar'97

  * TMP+REU v1.03

    BUG : Performing a block-kill (BA+b k) while the first line of the
           source code was included in the current block results in
           corrupted source code. The partial fix simply ignores when
           block-kill is invoked in this situation. [oTA, oTAM]
    FEAT: Output during assembly was significantly altered to conserve
           vertical space - the pass start/end info was reduced from
           3 lines to 1; error output was reduced from 3 lines per error
           to 2 lines.
    FEAT: Source code that was saved with the famous Panoramic Designs
           mod which are located at $a000 will now be recognized and
           loaded transparently, just like regular 'plain Turbo' source.
    CHNG: All input prompts accepting a filename are reduced in length
           to 16 characters (was formerly varied, usually 20 or more)

  * TMP(64) v1.0

    INFO: First release for plain (non-REU expanded) c64 systems, with
           all features and bug fixes to date; main difference is lack
           of the REU commands function. 

Turbo Macro Pro, Jan'97

  * TMP+REU v1.0

    INFO: First release for REU expanded systems.
    BUG : During input when the cursor is at the first character of the
           input field, pressing delete wraps around, placing the cursor
           at the last character of the input field, but wasn't deleting
           the character in the last position. [oTA, oTAM]
    BUG : During an enter-seq (BA+e), literal returns inside quotes such
               .text "line 1[M]line 2[M]"
           were taken as a syntactic newline, resulting in an incorrect
           split line in the editor. The fix changes enter-file to track
           quoted literal text and read it in correctly. [oTA, oTAM]
    FEAT: Rewritten REU functions that allow on the fly bank swapping to
           store and access multiple sources at any time, fully integrated
           into the tool. Removed the separate 'REU menu' and replaced
           with BA+R to invoke the REU commands. Furthermore replaced
           all REU bank swapping code from the ATT mod with new code,
           reducing the required number of banks from 3 to 2 (enabling
           128K units to be used).
    FEAT: Added assemble-to-object (BA+#) which assembles the current
           source directly into the object bank instead of the assembly
    CHNG: Changed list-labels from BA++ to BA+u.
    BUG : The list-labels function was corrupting the line buffer as seen
           when doing paste-buffer after the list. [oTA, oTAM]
    CHNG: Changed disk-command from BA+d to BA+@.
    FEAT: Entering @ by itself during disk-command reads the drive status;
           this was formerly accomplished by BA+@.
    FEAT: Added increment-device (BA+d) which selects the next available
           device number between 8 and 11.
    FEAT: Added current drive number to the status line.
    FEAT: Added current REU source/object bank numbers to the status line.
    FEAT: Added a block-move function (BA+b m) which performs the same as
           block-copy followed by block-kill.
    FEAT: The view-directory (BA+*) can now be paused by holding CBM
           or aborted by hitting run/stop.
    FEAT: Added cursor-right-edge (BA+{crsr-right}) to push the cursor to
           the rightmost column.
    FEAT: Added cursor-left-edge (BA+{crsr-left}) to push the cursor to
           the leftmost column (same as BA+q).
    FEAT: Added view-seq (BA+!) which displays the contents of a SEQ file
           from disk to the screen; CBM pauses and run/stop aborts.
    FEAT: Added add-hex (BA++) and sub-hex (BA+-) which displays the
           result as both hex and decimal.
    FEAT: Added paste-separator (BA+2), a function common in most mods of
           TA but not present in the original TA and TAM; unlike other
           mods the separator is composed of a repeated sequence of 4
           characters rather than only one character; however the default
           sequence is '----' which results in typical separators.
    FEAT: Added make-data (BA+6), another function common in most TA mods
           but not present in the original TA and TAM. This version reads
           data from the current REU object bank instead of plain c64
    FEAT: Preferences editor has been added which allows changing all
           seven colors ($d020, $d021, regular text, error text, highlight
           text, message line, and status line) as well as the four
           characters used for the separator function. Also enables the
           user to save a copy of the customized program ($8000-$ca00) to
           disk. The preferences editor is invoked with BA+p.
    FEAT: Source code files from 'plain Turbo' (starting at $9000) are
           automatically recognized and loaded safely and transparently.
    FEAT: Holding down the CBM key when starting up the editor will force
           a cold start.
    FEAT: Added a separate stand alone prg that detects instances of TMP
           in the REU and allows user to jump to any turbo bank; this is
           basically a 'rescue' tool if the c64 memory becomes utterly
    FEAT: Displays size of detected REU in message line at startup.
    DELE: Removed the other-colors function (BA+o).
    CHNG: Changed fkey-reset from BA+f1 to BA+K.
    CHNG: New function key defaults:
           f3 = cursor up 200
           f4 = assemble (BA+3)
           f5 = cursor down 200
           f3 = REU commands (BA+R)
    CHNG: The jumpback code (the short routine placed in memory after
           choosing to execute the assembled code) was shortened and does
           reset the VIC now in comparison to the jumpback code in the
           MO mod.
    CHNG: Input fields for find-string and replace-string were reduced in
           length from 24 to 20 characters.
    CHNG: Most input prompts were altered to use consistent wording and

Turbo Assembler Macro++ REU, 1993

    INFO: Modification by Massive Onslaught/Style that was based from
           Antitrack's earlier mod of Turbo Assembler Macro (TAM) for
           REU support. MO added an invocable REU menu to allow loading
           of object data into the object bank, as well as inserting a
           small routine into memory ($0180) to re-swap the Turbo+source
           into c64 memory after testing assembled code. This modification
           was the one which was re-sourced and from which Turbo Macro Pro
           was derived.